What is an Antivirus?

In the modern world where cybercrimes are not big issues many people from different part of the world do a lot of online transactions and more popular business in this era. They are afraid from being a part of cyber-attack mostly they are using windows, mac in tosh and other operating systems. In window there is an antivirus program called firewall which helps to not let any malware enter to system. For these issues many companies of the world try to help people by making antivirus to make this world more secure and trustable. Linux operating system is more protective than others you can make Linux more secure as compare to other operating systems. Many people in the world do online business for this they need to download everything from web. In these downloads item majority of download file are full of malware and can block your system.

Why is it important?

As online community and internet is not secure for visiting sites and sometimes while download uncertain files in case you can be attack by cyber hackers many viruses are distribute by pop ups , free programs and other things. Sometimes when we use DVD’s USB while copying files from these to hard drive, so it will affect your drive unless you activate antivirus.

The role of an Antivirus

The role of antivirus is needier to modern computer professionals and users. Antivirus not only identifies and removes the virus but it is also design to back fight many kinds of threats like worms, rootkits, Ddos attack. It will first scan computer files either automatic or manual in a virus directory. After that it will find suspicious files activity from any program that can be infected.

What are the benefits?

The first benefits of using antivirus are that you will be protected different kinds of viruses. As there are multiple types of malware and every virus has its own impact as most virus is transfer while user join corrupt website or those emails which are infected.

If any of your devices get infected by virus it gets slow down and some of the important documents and folders get unstable and deleted. For these problems you must have to re install computer windows. If you use antivirus so these you can be safe from these things.

If you use antivirus your id can be protected by spyware. Now days every one store personal information in their computers and that can be affected by some hackers. The hacker can access your personal debit card and can use for buying different things. For these loses you need to use pro antiviruses.

Other benefits of using antivirus is that you can be safe to receive amount of spam mails, and un wanted ads which is more annoying and not interesting ads. At a result your inbox will be full of spam mails and your system will have more chances to being hacked. So using antivirus software can help you by doing more secure work at home offices or public.

Using antivirus is best for security manage your data, in latest operating systems they comes with internal antivirus but seems they aren’t doing their work properly as compare to other antivirus companies. Mostly firewalls are not on during progress and unwanted files enter to it.

Even you can use antivirus programs in your phone tablet for better performance mostly phones and tablets get slow day by day and no one know the reason.

If you have any antivirus installed in your system sometimes it requires daily update it is because in modern era many programs can affect your system by various new viruses so antivirus can help you to get safe from it by daily update regularly. Here are signature files which change their behavior by continuously changing virus information.

Some anti-virus can scan you full operating system you can set up in their settings. Likely if they found some removable files so you get messages either remove it or repair it. Anti-virus is very importance you system connect to camera, microphone while using social network it is very easy to hack your camera so antivirus can help you by not allow anyone to enter your device.

Where can I get an Antivirus?

So now that we have probably made you pretty scared, you’re probably wondering where you can get one to protect your computer from malicious programs. Well we have compiled a list of Antivirus reviews and then we compared them. Below you will be able to see any of our posts related to an Antivirus.


Companies that provide an Antivirus

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Norton Antivirus Review Norton’s lineup of consumer Windows antivirus products combines top-notch malware detection with, in the most expensive product, backup software and 25GB of online storage. The software, however, saps system performance greatly during scans, and even the priciest Norton product lacks some of the creature comforts we’ve come to take for granted in high-end security suites, such as encryption and file shredding. Feature-wise, the suite’s antivirus protection is identical. However, where users of the standalone antivirus must rely on FAQs and forums for support, the suite adds a…

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TOTAL AV Antivirus Review Unlike many other Antivirus software suites out there, Total Antivirus or TotalAV is one antivirus software suite that is as close to being fully featured as any other. Does that automatically translate to being a great antivirus software suite? Well, you’re going to have to read the brief TotalAV review or skip to the conclusion part straight away for that. To be fair to the people behind TotalAV, this antivirus software suite does offer a lot of features when compared to some of the other antivirus…

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Avast Review

Avast Review Most free antivirus programs don’t offer much besides basic malware protection, but Avast Free Antivirus is a half-step toward being a full-fledged security suite, with many features you’d normally be charged for. It has not only a password manager and a local-network security scanner but gives you lots of configuration options. [UPDATE: Since this review was first posted, Avast Free Antivirus has added a secure browser.] Yet while it didn’t say much of our computer’s performance, Avast Free Antivirus took a long time to scan, and its malware protection could be better….