Cloud Hosting

What is Cloud Hosting?

This word “Cloud Technology” has caused confusion among those that are not computer literate. But with this piece, I’m confident you should be able to explain what cloud technology is, its benefits and its uses.

Simply put, cloud technology is the service rendered to some internet users, who by what they encounter on the internet, are convinced positively; it is either, written content, applications or pictures. In which all they could do to help themselves is to save it (file) for future purposes. It is not new that technology has turned the world to a good place to live. So, you shouldn’t be bothered about the storage space on your PC as cloud computing has made storing and accessing of data over the internet easier than ever. Cloud technology is named after the word “cloud” because the information being accessed can only be found in the “cloud” and does not require a user to access the saved file or data with his private PC, or a specific place to gain access to his/her data.

Cloud computing perfectly works regardless of the size of your hard drive, because it is based on the internet connection. Whenever you run data or programs on your system; this is called local storage computing and is totally the opposite when discussing the term cloud technology. Using local storage services, physically, you can access your data. But, it is only with online connection cloud technology can be accessed, and this could be done anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  • Efficiency
  • Data Security
  • Storage


Enterprise users can market their goods (applications) quickly without worrying about the basic infrastructure costs or maintenance. Also, Cloud-based applications and data are easily accessible from virtually any Internet-connected device.

Data Security

Be rest assured that your data are safe, as hardware failures do not result in data loss because your files are backed with network availability. In addition, you can scale cloud services to fit your needs, your customized applications, and you are free to access cloud services from anywhere with an Internet connection. Based on security needs and other considerations, you can choose any option; it is either public, private, or hybrid storage.

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Companies that provide Cloud Hosting

1&1 – Cloud

1 and 1 cloud server review Cloud servers offer a lot of benefits over the traditional options of dedicated or shared servers. In many respects, cloud servers work almost the same way physical servers do but the functions they provide can be very different at times. When you opt for cloud servers, clients are renting virtual server space rather than renting or purchasing physical servers. If you need to optimize IT performance without the huge costs associated with purchasing and managing a fully dedicated infrastructure, cloud servers are the best…

InMotion Hosting Review - Cloud Review

InMotion Hosting Review – Cloud Review

InMotion Cloud Hosting Review Cloud hosting is growing in popularity as traditional hosting providers restructure their architecture for more powerful performance and scalability. Cloud Hosting is similar to VPS Hosting in its functionality, but achieves this in a different way. Rather than having a portion of a server with dedicated resources, your resources are spread across a number of different shared machines. InMotion’s beginner package hosts up to two websites at one time and unlimited domains and subdomains per account. You are provided with more dedicated disk space and memory…

GoDaddy – Cloud

Godaddy Cloud Hosting Review Cloud hosting one of the most innovative Cloud computing technologies in recent ages. It allows several numbers of machines to behave as a single system. Other hosting solutions like shared and dedicated depend on a single machine only, security is guaranteed by many servers. To host your websites or small online business on this type of servers, you need a very good host to do this. With Go-Daddy Cloud servers, you will be enabled to create virtual data center with multiple servers working. Users can play with a number of servers, server…

HostGator – Cloud

Hostgator Cloud Hosting review The two most important factors of a website, at least from a visitor perspective are uptime and Speed. Obviously, we all like fast & reliable sites, right? Ever attempt to open a site on your mobile, only to wait? And wait? And wait? Not fun. So you do what every other sane, rational human being does in that situation. You hit the back button, and go down to the next search result on Google. Page loading times go far beyond basic usability, causing 74% of your mobile site…