What is a domain

In networking perspective, a domain is simply defined as a networking feature that is typically used to manage all users’ functions. This includes their username or password; it (Domain) shared system access and resource authentication, and it is used to allocate resource privileges, e.g. User accounts.

Who is the domain run by?

A domain is administered as a unit that is guided by rules and procedures. Within the internet, a domain can always be defined by the IP address and every single device sharing a regular part of the IP address are said to be in the same domain.

Why is it essential?

A domain name, domain or internet address is simply an easy way to locate a website. A domain name works hand in hand with a prescribed set of numbers segregated by points, e.g. “” referred to as an IP address. As you know, it is easier to remember a name than the long string of numbers stated earlier. The minimum character a domain name can possess is one, and its maximum can be sixty-three characters. When deciding what your domain name should be, it is advisable you keep it simple so that it can easily stick in your mind.

What are the advantages to having a domain?

After you creatively generate your domain name, which is the first line of action to your online identity. The next thing on the menu should be showcasing its usefulness to all users to attract some good reviews.

Sometimes, your domain is used to promote your website; it is an online strategy to boost your sales, a platform through which people know you more (About you), and a business logo.
Below is the list of benefits derived from having one (Domain)

  • The easiest way to connect to you or your business
  • The keyword that simply introduces you
  • Great way to market your business


Companies that sell Domains

1&1 – Domain

1 and 1 Domain Review Domain registration companies sell Internet addresses (aka domains). Some domain registrars are solely involved with the provision and sale of domain names; others offer additional services such as web hosting. But with so many options of domain registration companies to buy your domain name from, finding the best one can be overwhelming. So, we’ll tell you what to look for and how to pick the best domain name registrar to fit your needs. 1and1 does offer a plethora of different domain names to purchase.  There…

Namecheap Review – Domain Review

NameCheap Domain Review Namecheap launched in the year 2000 by a man named Richard Kirkendall (it celebrated its 15th birthday last year. With Namecheap having its headquarters in Los Angeles, United States. Richard Kirkendall remains as its CEO, even after 15 years since its launch date. Domain name providers are pretty notorious for having intro pricing…then raising the price for you to make money ongoing. So for me, the best way of judging apples to apples is to look at their 1-year renewal pricing for .com domain names. When you register this and…

HostGator – Domain

Hostgator Domain Review HostGator is one of the most recognizable and popular websites hosting companies. It excels in hosting flexibility by providing three different plans under a shared server umbrella. While its web hosting packages are slightly more expensive than those of its competitors, even its starter plans offer a good selection of features. HostGator will happily assist you with relocating an existing website or domain over to their services at no cost. And if you’re thinking about shelling out the big bucks for any of their premium plans, you’ll also enjoy…

GoDaddy – Domain

GoDaddy Domain Review Buying domain names is a must for any site owner.  A lot of people struggle to want to know where you should buy your domains. GoDaddy comes to mind when the word “domain” is mentioned. GoDaddy is the giant of the Domain industry, no doubt. GoDaddy domain registrar is the world’s number one ICANN-accredited domain registrar, offers everything you might need for establishing your online presence: from custom email accounts to complete eCommerce solutions. The company currently manages over 52M domain names for more than 10M customers…