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Godaddy Cloud Hosting Review

Cloud hosting one of the most innovative Cloud computing technologies in recent ages. It allows several numbers of machines to behave as a single system. Other hosting solutions like shared and dedicated depend on a single machine only, security is guaranteed by many servers. To host your websites or small online business on this type of servers, you need a very good host to do this.

With Go-Daddy Cloud servers, you will be enabled to create virtual data center with multiple servers working. Users can play with a number of servers, server configuration, and traffic distribution among server according to its requirements. Load balancers enable users to distribute traffic among servers. Users get data security through features such as scheduled backup, storage gateway, automated backup and data encryption.

One major benefit of choosing GoDaddy as your cloud server is the level of choices and its plan flexibility; you can add more disk space and bandwidth as your needs grow.

CPanel is user-friendly, and if you have questions or run into problems while using it, you can find support online or through one of the company technicians. With the cPanel, you can create unlimited FTP accounts. You also get to design specific 404 error pages, giving your website a personalized touch and feel. The cPanel is compatible with WordPress, so you get to easily add this app to your hosting platform.

Godaddy Cloud Hosting Features

  • offers a flexible and fast performing IaaS platform to different size companies
  • Go Daddy cloud services can be rapidly deployed on multiple PC systems
  • Godaddy customers are allowed to pay per hour, per month or per year
  • Offers decent amount of disk space and bandwidth.


  • Super-fast servers
  • Pricing is very flexible and affordable


Go Daddy cloud services can be deployed on several systems. The cloud services are compatible with Linux and Windows OS. The service supports major languages like PHP, Java, and WinDev.