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NameCheap Dedicated Server Review

Over the years as NameCheap has grown to over 1 million customers managing over 4 million domains, their infrastructure base has also grown. With hundreds of thousands of customers and visitors visiting NameCheap every day to register their domain, to purchase a hosting package, to manage their existing domain, add a SSL certificate or take advantage of their private email, infrastructure is an important part of the NameCheap organization.

As a dedicated server customer, you want that hardware, including all of the components, to be available all of the time. You expect and demand reliability as hardware/component failure takes your server, and potentially your business, offline.

NameCheap Dedicated Server offers Desktop versions of hard drives which are cheaper; up to 40-50% in some cases for the desktop model of the drive. Some competitors cut corners by offering desktop components in a server environment. But these desktop components have much lower MTBFs as they are not designed to be ran always on. Nor as they as rigorously tested as the enterprise server versions that NameCheap use. That age old adage of you get what you pay for runs true in server quality.

NameCheap Dedicated Server Features

  • Offers a range of management options to suit your needs. Choose from self-managed, managed or fully managed. If you require root access, please select self-managed or managed
  • Their Super micro rack mount-based servers are designed for continuous high performance in a datacenter environment.
  • The datacenters features fully redundant power, network, climate and security systems


NameCheap dedicated servers are backed up by its Hosting Guarantee, and the company is proud to offer premium hosting which consistently delivers the optimal site performance, security, uptime and support. Its smallest dedicated servers are guaranteed with at least 99.9% uptime, while the other dedicated server plans are all provided with 100% uptime guarantee