Virtual Private Network

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a web server that is used to connect your device to the web via the web server ran by the VPN’s company. In simpler terms, your data is a train and the VPN is a tunnel. The tunnel protects(encrypts) the train(your data) till it reaches the end of the tunnel. So, a VPN is an end-to-end encryption service that protects your data.

What is a VPN used for?

These networks are extraordinarily private and these VPN companies can help you by hiding your Internet activities from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), government and other tracking agencies. Some of the websites that are banned in schools, colleges or other institutions, can be opened through the use of a VPN, thereby avoiding such restrictions. Another use of a VPN is to trick any website by changing its Internet Protocol (IP) address into thinking that you are from a different country (known as “GEO-SPOOFING”). For example, when some sites are banned in any particular country, those sites can be opened through the use of the VPN. Previously Netflix and YouTube had been banned in some countries. VPN can also help you to encrypt your data from hackers when using public Wi-Fi or peer-to-peer networks.

These networks are extraordinarily secure and private, so all of your Internet activities can be hidden from your ISP, the government, and other tracking agencies. Also, although we don’t condone the use of a VPN in any case where it breaches policy, a VPN can be used to bypass school, work, and other institutions restrictions on websites and other online activities as mentioned earlier.

Is a VPN safe to use?

VPN and proxy will safeguard your identity and increase encryption for your security whenever you are using a public WiFi network, then VPN solutions are very beneficial for customers. In many countries, for example, Middle East countries, there are circumstances where many things on the Internet are banned. For example, when you search from a Middle East country the result will be different than when you search from another part of the world. This is because government security agencies and other departments have banned certain sites that do not perpetuate their way of broadcasting or information. Without their permissions, you can’t log in or get information from there. Their VPN can be very beneficial and easy to use. Many of them are free while some are paid. Paid ones are more secure because they offer you a guaranty to do your work.

Now a day’s, mostly gamers use a VPN to establish a better connection with the gaming server. For example, when you connect to Middle East servers (which are very far away from the US) the ping time can be more than 1000ms+, so VPN helps in decreasing the ping time thereby making it more tolerable. So VPN not only improves online privacies, it also provides a more secure network.

Is the use of a VPN legal?

In short, yes it is legal to have private network. Some organizations are happy with it and some are not. This is because most of the people who use VPN to do ads; clicking on that website (while using Google ads) and as a result, it gets banned. Netflix also disc-approves with VPN. Today, social networks and other sites are happy with VPN because they only care about their traffic since VPN doesn’t affect them.

Our take

These services use simple software to secure your internet connection and give you greater control over how you appear online. While you might never have heard of a VPN or what it does, it is a valuable tool that you should understand and use.

Some research from Australia Commonwealth and the Industrial Research Organization from South Whales have said that the majority of the free VPNs from the Google Store log your connections and might be malware. However, below you will find some VPN companies that are trustworthy, fast, and secure.


Companies that provide VPN services
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