Website Design


If you’re thinking about getting a website, then you should be thinking about the website design and website development of it too. The design of your websites is essential for generating traffic and producing leads.
So is the development though, you need to make sure that your website includes things like SEO and backlinks. If you think you can design and develop your own site then make sure you understand how much time you need to invest to make a beautiful,
function website. But if you don’t have the time to learn the skills needed then you could look at hiring a marketing/web-designing firm. A custom website could cost you upwards of a couple thousand, but it will look spectacular. It all depends on what resource you have, time or money.


If you have money to spend then I recommend hiring a marketing firm to get your website professionally done. The website will be SEO integrated, include backlinks from social media, and will have strong call-to-actions.

If you have time to spend then I recommend learning HTML, CSS, some PHP, and some Javascript. You can make a great looking website with these languages and a compiler such as Adobe Dreamweaver or my favorite, Sublime Text. This will, however, take a substantial amount of time to learn and code a beautiful, functional website.

What if you have a moderate amount of time and a moderate amount of money?
WordPress is a great option then. You don’t need to know any code to use WordPress, but to get a good looking website you might need to buy a theme such as Avada. Avada is $60, but it is a very powerful tool. Another benefit of using a WordPress website are the plugins offered. Yoast SEO is a great plugin that shows how good each page is in terms of SEO.


So, once you figured out which route you want to take on your website adventure you can explore a few of these links.

Marketing Companies

We have written a few articles about marketing companies and which ones we believe are worth your money. Of course, we are going to be biased towards the marketing company that developed and designed our website, but for good reason. You can read more about their features and prices by clicking the link above.

Coding Resouces

Coding is for the patient and time giving. If you aren’t patient nor a logical thinker, then coding probably isn’t the best option for you. Though it is a great thing to put down on your resume and can teach you patience.


What we recommend to do to learn WordPress is to set up a WordPress site on your local machine and then play around with the plugins and themes. To set up a local WordPress site click here for a detailed instruction. Once you get the basics of WordPress down then you can start experimenting with other themes outside of the recommended and popular, and possibly start developing on a hosting platform.